Fig. 2. Meta analyses of landscape differences in breeding season and over-winter apparent survival (S) ± 95% CI of boreal songbirds in western Newfoundland, 2003-2006. Observations for each species represent the difference in apparent survival between naturally fragmented landscapes and landscape modified by clearcutting (SNAT-SCUT), and are ordered based on the magnitude of the difference. Negative values indicate lower apparent survival in CUT landscapes. Squares vary in size to reflect the precision of each estimate, which was calculated as 1/SE² and used to weight each species during meta analyses. Note that in cases in which weights were very low, the square was so small as to be obscured by the horizontal line, which represents the 95% confidence interval on the difference. The black diamond at the bottom of each plot, labeled summary, is centered on the overall mean difference, and its width indicates the 95% confidence interval on the mean difference (breeding season mean = 0.000, 95% CI = -0.001-0.001; over-winter mean = -0.023, 95% CI = -0.054-0.009). Ruby-crowned Kinglet was dropped from the within-year plot because the species’ large confidence interval (-0.49-0.33) overwhelmed estimates for other species. Species codes are from Table 1.