Spatiotemporal Patterns in Nest Box Occupancy by Tree Swallows Across North America. 2012. Shutler, D., D. J. T. Hussell, D. R. Norris, D. W. Winkler, R. J. Robertson, F. Bonier, W. B. Rendell, M. Bélisle, R. G. Clark, R. D. Dawson, N. T. Wheelwright, M. P. Lombardo, P. A. Thorpe, M. A. Truan, R. Walsh, M. L. Leonard, A. G. Horn, C. M. Vleck, D. Vleck, A. P. Rose, L. A. Whittingham, P. O. Dunn, K. A. Hobson and M. T. Stanback

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Correction from the senior author
Dave Shutler on Dec 05, 2012 14:54:14

In Table 1, the location listed as Lee Vining should be Davis.

why the tree swallows are getting less and less in our area which is north vancouver bc canada
joyce lachkovics on Oct 18, 2020 16:56:57

well when we moved here in the year 1978 we had tree swallows nesting on the house posts so we made boxes for them and they kept coming and having a good rate i say not a substantial rate of reproductions of young ones

but as   have gone by the numbers have declined since the crows have no quota control and are now protected we have actually seem them snatch the young ones right out of the boxes when they stick their heads out and wait for the parents to bring food and the food supply seems to get less and the parents take longer on the trip back so the crow has a good chance to snatch them 

last year the parents did not get to hatch the young and there were three real white eggs left behind when we cleaned out the box in the spring 

this year we heard a lot of little ones but one day it was all quiet!!!!!!!

so we have been really worried about this situation of not getting our swallows back and are wondering if they do not have enough insects for food which leads to say we are still spraying too much insecticides!

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