Table 1. Broadscale and fine-scale habitat classification schemes based on Fuller et al. (1994). The fine-scale habitat classification scheme also included three habitat types, i.e., bracken, ruderal weed, inland bare ground, which were not amalgamated into broadscale habitat types.

Broadscale habitat type Fine-scale habitat type
Inland water Inland water
Coastal Beach and coastal bare, salt marsh
Moor/heathland/bog Grass heath, moorland grass, open shrub moor, dense shrub moor, dense shrub heath, open shrub heath, lowland bog, upland bog
Woodland Scrub/orchard, deciduous woodland, coniferous woodland, felled forest
Built Suburban/rural, continuous urban
Grassland Mown/grazed turf, meadow/verge/semi-natural, rough/marsh grass
Tilled land Tilled land